Lincolnshire Village
 Exterior of the Church Building - Part 1

The Tower

Church Tower

  • This interesting church has a Lincolnshire type of unbuttressed tower, originally Anglo Saxon
  • It has some surviving Anglo Saxon herringbone masonry at the base 
  • It has a blocked-in Anglo Saxon west doorway in which has been inserted a window formed from the destroyed belfry lights
  • The cornerstones indicate that it is was largely rebuilt in Norman times (no long-and-short work)
  • The rebuilding utilised  the original Anglo Saxon window.

Anglo Saxon window
Anglo Saxon Window

herringbone masonery
Anglo Saxon Herringbone Masonery

Blocked AngloSaxon doorway  
Blocked Anglo Saxon West Door

Tower cornerstones
Norman Cornerstones

Norman Window
Restored "pseudo-Saxon"  1895 (Pevsner)


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