Lincolnshire Village

taken from The History of Heapham, Pilham and Springthorpe . . . by Oxoniensis, 
reprinted from the "Gainsborough News"

Church Patronage
  • The Patronage of Springthorpe was exercised in 1224 by an agent of the Count of Boulogne, who then held the Manor of Kirton.
  • Hubert de Burgh, Earl of Kent, presented in 1232 
  • Edmund of Cornwall, in 1284. 
  • After that, Rectors were presented by the Lords of the Manor down to the Reformation
  • In later times by the Crown. 
  • Queen Victoria presented the last three Rectors.
Rectors of Springthorpe
  • Laurence De Bononia.   1224 - 1232. Subdeacon. By Robert de Dompmartin, minister of the Count of Bononia (Boulogne) on the part of the said Count, he having first exhibited royal letters to shew that he has been made Count's seneschal in England, 16 May 1224.
  • Henry de Honon.   1232. Subdeacon. By H de Burg, Earl of Kent and Justice of England, 23 Wells, 1232.
  • John.  Died 1284.
  • Thomas de Wyssenden.   1284. Clerk of Minor Orders. By Edmund, Earl of Cornwall, on death of John, last Rector, 23 Dec 1284. (Ordained Subdeacon at institution).
  • William de Schiring.   Resigned 1308.
For thirty years from 1308 four Italians held the Rectory.  They seem to have been to a certain extent connected with each other, and were probably all connected with some of the Florentine merchants who were at the time developing a great trade with England.  Among these were the merchant societies known as the Bardi, the Scala, Mozi, Circuli Albi, Circuli Nigri, Friscobaldi, Velluti, Spini, Pulchri, Rymbertini, and Perucchi, all of whom, with others from Lucca, Pistoia, Siena, etc, were specially protected by the King.  Of these, the Society of John Junctyn (Junctini, Jontyne, Juntyn, etc), and his fellows of the Peruzzi or Peruchi, lent to the King £5,917 in 1336 and to Queen Philippa £450. Bishop Kellawe of Durham contracted to sell wool to them, and in 1337 they chartered a Spanish ship to carry English wool to Lombardy. Probably the presentation of a clerical member of their family to Springthorpe was considered equivalent to part payment of the Royal debts. 
  • Peter de Brixia.   1308 - 1318. Acolite. By Lady Margaret de Clare, Countess of Cornwall, on res of Mgr William de Schiring, 2 June 1308.  Peter de Brixia received letters testimonial from the Bishop on 29 Nov 1308 on his going abroad, to certify he was of good morals and honourable life. On 7 Mar 1311, being then the Rector of Springthorpe and of Chevening, dio Rochester, he had papal license to retain both, as well as his church of S. Mary at Garda, dio Verona. On 10 Jul 1313, he had leave to visit the Court of Rome, transact he affairs and return within a year, providing for the parish in his absence. In 1321 he was Parson of Briggeham, dio Norwich. In 1318, notwithstanding papal dispensations, he was dismissed from Springthorpe, for lack of sacred Orders.
  • Bartholemew de Verrona.   1318 - 1321. Clerk. By Hugh de Audley junior, on dismission of Mgr Peter de Brixia, last Rector, "in accordance with the new constitution", 26 Mar 1318.
  • Ambrose de Castello.   1321 - 1327. Acolyte. By King Edward II, on res of Mgr Peter de Brixia, Bartholemew de Verrona [sic] last Rector, 5 Jan 1327.  Ambrose de Castello had leave on 9 Apr 1321 to pursue his studies for one year in England, and proceed to Subdeacon's Orders. In 1321 he and Peter de Brixia acknowledged that they owed the Society of the Peruzzi £12, secured on their lands and chattels in Norfolk and Lincolnshire.  In 1314 William de Castello was the King's tentmaker. 
  • Benedict Junctyn de Florencia.   1327 - 1336. By the Lady Isabella de France, Queen of England, Lady of Ireland and Countess of Pontum, on res of………..last Rector, 27 May 1327.  Benedict Junctyn de Florencia was provided by the Pope, on 4 Nov 1327, with a Canonry of wells, with a reservation of a Prebend. He was the son of Benedict de Florencia.
  • John de Wynteringham.   1336 - 1338. Son of Robert de Wynteringham. By King Edward III 16 Dec 1336. [Rector of Plumstead 1338].
  • John de Belton.   1338. By William de Clynton, Earl of Hntingdon, in exchange with John de Wynteringham, last Rector, 22 Apr 1338. [Rector of Debache 1329, and afterwards of Plumstead, both dio Norwich].
  • John de Rotherham.   1378 - 1390. By King Richard II 11 Dec 1378. [Rector of Lannendon, dio Bangor, 1377, of Bettescombe, dio Salisbury, and Kilkeyn, dio S Asaph 1378. Leave of absence for two years, in fitting places, 3 May 1379. Rector of All Saints, Beanewell, dio Lincoln 1387, of Hengham, dio Norwich 1388, of S. Andrew's by the Wardrobe, London and of Pottersbury, Northants 1390].
  • John de Garton.   1390 - 1395. Clerk. By Queen Anne, on res of John de Roderham, last Rector, 1 Feb 1390.
  • William Tayllour.   1395 - 1397. Chaplin. By King Richard II, on res of John de Garton, last Rector, 12 July 1395 [Exchanged to S. Nicholas, Thanet 1396]
  • John Randolph.   1396 - 1397. Vicar of S. Nicholas in Caneto, dio Canterbury. ByKing Richard II, in exchange with William Tayllour, last Rector 25 Apr 1396. [Exchanged to Throwley, Kent 1397].
  • William Cameryngham.   1397 - 1403. Vicor of Thurlegh, dio Canterbury. By King Richard II, in exchange with John Randolph, last Rector 25 Sep 1397.
  • William Sprydlyngton.   1403 - 1415. Clerk. By Henry, Prince of Wales, Duke of Aquitaine, Lancaster and Cornwall, and Earl of Chester, on death of William de Cameryngham, last Rector 1 Oct 1403.  [Licensed to proceed to all Orders, minor and sacred, and ordained Deacon and Priest 1404].  William Sprydlington was a clerk in 1369 to Edward, Prince of Wales, and the Auditor of his ministers' accounts. This may either have been the Rector of Springthorpe, or another of the same name, who from 1377 - 1381 was Bishop of S. Asaph.  In 1385 one of this name was presented by the King to the Chapel of Casteldurant. 
  • Roger Helwys.   1416. Chaplin. By King Henry V, on death of William Sprydlington, 3 Feb 1416.
  • William Hoode.   1457 - 1459. Chaplin. By King Henry VI, 25 Apr 1457.
  • Thomas Kyrkegate.   1459 - 1461. Priest. By Prince Edward, eldest son of King Henry VI, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, and Earl of Chester, on vacancy, 16 Feb 1459.
  • John Pleseley.   1461 - 1473. By Prince Edward, on res of Thomas Kyrgate, 13 July 1461. [Exchanged to a moiety of Treswell, Notts 1473].
  • William Rodys.   1473 - 1494. Rector of a moiety of Treswell, dio York. By King Edward IV, in exchange with John Pleseley, last Rector, 26 Sep 1473. [Retired on a pension of 7 marks per annum, 1494].
  • William Wysehede.   1494 - 1498. Chaplin. By Arthur, eldest son of King Henry VII, on res of William Rodis, 27 Jan 1494. [Vicar of Orreby 1498].
  • Richard Stoks.   1498 - 1501. Priest. By Arthur, Prince of Wales, on res of William Wisehead, 20 July 1498.
  • John Gorle.   1501 - 1508. M.A. Priest. By Arthur, Prince of Wales, on res of Mgr Richard Stoks, 12 Sep 1501.
  • John Tomson. 1508. Priest. By King Henry VII, on res of last incumbent, 19 Dec 1508.   John Tomson is called Richard in a Visitation record of 1523. One John Comys alias Thomson was at the time Rector of Grayingham. 
  • Richard Harpham.   1530 - 1539. Chaplin. By King Henry VIII, on death of last incumbent, 27 Sep 1530.
  • Thomas Clarke.   1539. Priest. By King Henry VIII, on death of Richard Harpham, last Rector, 30 May 1539. [Still Rector 1546 - 7].
  • Richard Robinson.   1551. Firstfruits 9 May 1551. [Still Rector 1561. Vicar of Torksey in 1535].
  • Gregory Garth.    Rector for six weeks in 1576.  Firstfruits 10 Oct 1576.  Gregory Garth was a native of Richmond. He matriculated as a sizar at Pembroke Coll, Cambs 1545, proceeded B.A. 1549, M.A. 1552, B.D. 1562, D.D of Oxford 1566. He was Fellow of his College about 1550, Proctor 1554, Lady Margaret Preacher 1562, Prebendary of Bedford Major at Lincoln 1564 - 1574, Chancellor 1568 - 1605, He was Rector of Chalfont S. Giles, Bucks 1562 - 1585, of Glatton, Hunts 1563, of Warbovs, Hunts 1565, of Hemel Hampstead, Herts 1565, of Wallington, Herts 1566, of Holton le Beckering 1576. He was admitted to Gray's Inn 1605 and died in 1608. 
  • Boniface Martyn.   1576. First fruits 24 Nov 1576. [Still Rector about 1579. Vicar of Corringham 1562, Rector of Heapham 1565].
  • William Farmerye.   1586. Clerk M.A. By Queen Elizabeth, on death of last incumbent 9 Nov 1586. [First fruits 7 Feb 1587. Signs Transcripts 1599 to 1621. Rector of Heapham 1588, of Ludborough 1627. Buried at Heapham 11 Nov 1633].
  • Thomas Wye.   1624. By the Prince of Wales. First fruits 12 May 1624. [Called Thomas Wier. Still Rector 1642-3].
  • John Halifax.   In 1654 and 1671.  John Halifax had two sons in Orders. Of these, Thomas matriculated at Brasenose Coll. Oxon 1679, proceeded B.A. 1682 and M.A. 1686. He became Vicar of Streatley, Berks 1693, and rector of Compton Bassett, Wilts in 1710. The other son, William Halifax, matriculated Brasenose Coll. Oxon 1671, became Scolar of Corpus Christi Coll. 1674, B.A 1675, M.A. 1679, Fellow 1682, B.D 1687 and D.D. 1695. He was Chaplin to the British Factory at Aleppo 1688 - 1695, Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons 1706, Rector of Old Swinford, Worcestershire 1699, and Salwarpe 1713, till his death in 1722. [see also Tim Powys-Lybbe's  Hallifax Vicars in SpringthorpeHallifax family in Springthorpe Parish Registers]
  • Thomas Mason.   1576. B.A. By King Charles II, on death of last incumbent 22 Mar 1676. [Ordained priest by Abp of York 1674].
  • Thomas Reynolds. 1705 - 1717. M.A. By Queen Anne 10 Jan 1705. [Ordained priest by Abp of York 1679. Also Vicar of Haugham].
  • Robert Althorp.   1717. LLB Cambs. By King George I on death of Thomas Reynolds 4 Apr 1717. [Ordained Priest by Bp of Lincoln 1712. Rector of Hammeringham and Vicar of Scrafield 1712. Also Sequestrator of Haugham, residing at Maltby].
  • Thomas Wells.   1744 - 1775. Clerk. By King George II on death of last incumbent 7 Sep 1744. [Ordained priest by Bp of Peterborough 1707. Also Rector of Willingham].
  • Robert Wells.   1775 - 1807. By King George III, on death of Thomas Wells, last Rector 13 Dec 1775. [Son of Thomas Wells of Willingham. Clerk. Matriculated at Lincoln Coll. Oxon. 1752, aged 18. B.A. 1766, M.A., R.D. and D.D. 1774. Vicar of East Rasen 1781-3. Died 26 Mar 1807].
  • Robert Willoughby Carter.   1807 - 1826. By King George III, on death of last incumbent, 25 Apr 1807. [Rector of Quarrington 1805. Re-instituted 1825].
  • Isham Case.   1826 - 1863. M.A. By King George IV, on cession of Robert Willoughby Carter, last Rector, 18 Feb 1826. [Rector of Quarrington 1821, Vicar of Metheringham 1825].
  • Edward Clennell Leaton Blenkinsopp.   1863 - 1891. By Queen Victoria, on death of Isham Case, 17 Jul 1863. [B.A. of Durham 1839, M.A. 1842. Ordained priest 1843. Perpetual Curate of S. James' Lathom, Lancs 1851 - 1855, Chaplin to the Forces 1856 - 1862. Resigned Springthorpe 16 Oct 1891. Died at Ilfracombe 18 Aug 1898].
  • Frederick Alfred Wallis.   1892 - 1895. By Queen Victoria, on res of E.C.L. Blenkinsopp, last Rector 20 Feb 1892.[Missionary at Zanzibar 1881 - 1889. Resigned at Springthorpe 21 Jan 1895].
  • Thomas Toovey Hedges.   1895. By Queen Victoria, on res of Frederick Alfred Wallis 5 Apr 1895. [Vicar of Alfriston, Sussex 1877 - 1882, Rector of Pilham 1882].

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