Lincolnshire Village 
Further Historical Notes
taken from 
"The History of Heapham, Pilham and Springthorpe, derived fron various Published and Manuscript Sources" 
by Oxoniensis [1906]

The village lies wholly within the Soke of Kirton and was almost wholly included within the bounds of the great Manor. The village includes the hamlet of Sturgate. 

Springthorpe, containing 1186 acres, is bounded on the North and West by Corringham, on the East by Harpswell and on the South by Heapham.  Besides the hamlet of Sturgate it contains the farm known as Springthorpe Grange. 

Ancient Names

  • Springthorpe is in the Doomsday Book as "Springetorp" and has sometimes been spelt "Spryngthorp".
  • Sturgate appears in the Testa de Nevill, apparently early in the 13th century, as Steregarthe. About 1640 Gervase Holles wrote of it as Sturgate. It seems unwise to hazard a guess as to the derivation of these names.
Early Landowners

Springthorpe and Sturgate were held by Edwin, Earl of Mercia, as part of his great Manor of Kirton. They shared the fortunes of the rest of that property and were handed down to a succession of Royal favorites and Royal Princes until the manor was divided up in the early 1800s. 

Doomsday Book

The following is the reference to the village in the  Doomsday Book: 

"Land of the King. Manor. In the Chrichetone Earl Edwin had viii carucates of geldable land…… To this Manor belongs the Soke of these ……Jopeham ii caracates and a half …….In Lopeham are xvi sokemen with iii teams and cxx acres of meadow……Pilham i carucate ……….In Pilham viii sokemen with ii teams and xvi acres of meadow……… Springetorp and Coringeham vi carucates …….. In Springetorp and Coringeham are xli sokemen with x teams, a church and a priest. 

Survey of Kirton Soke, 1616

The village of Springthorpe and Sturgate belonged to the Soke of Kirton. None of the parishes appears to have given rise to any family of real eminence. The following information was extracted from the Survey of Kirton Soke, which was made for the Prince of Wales in 1616. 

Tenants. Richard Cooke alias Hornby, heirs of John Farmery, Richard Park junior, Henery Braunceby, Robert Braunceby, Thomas Capmell, William Fermery clerk, Robert Robinson, John Monkhill, heirs of Richard Maltbye, Richrad Maltbye alias Malton, Richard Nelson, William Proctor, John Cartmell, Thomas Cartmell, Thomas Hill, Samuel Codd, William Gilston, John Hill, Robert Cartmell, William Walsham, Henry Bishop, Richard Jackson (in Sturgate, parcel of Springthorpe) Richard Park, Robert Wilkinson, George Fermerye, Robert Hill, Margaret Fermerye, and Thomas Gilbye.