Lincolnshire Village 
Further Historical Notes 
taken from 
"The History of Heapham, Pilham and Springthorpe, derived fron various Published and Manuscript Sources" 
by Oxoniensis [1906]
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Lay Subsidy Rolls
In the volume lately published by authority of the Master of the Rolls containing a record of "Feudal Aids" between 1285 and 1431, the only mention of the parish occurs in the list of towns (vills) ordered by the Parliament of Lincoln, 1316, to supply one man at arms for the Kings service. 

The Lay Subsidy Roll of 1327 contains the following list or persons, and the sums which they contributed: 

Beatrice Court 1s,
Henry Court 10d,
Ralph Wate 8d,
John Clac 6d,
Agnes wife of Ralph 8d,
Alice wife of Ralph 6d,
Hugh Bond 1s 2d,
Ralph fil Hugh 9d,
William fil Hugh 9d,
John fil Robert 1s 6d,
Geun' Porter 6d,
John fil Ralph 1s,
Thomas fil Ralph 6d,
John Kyng 1s 6d,
Gilbert Bride 1s,
William fil Gilbert 1s,
William fil Alice 1s,
William fil Henry 1s,
Robert fil John 6d,
John atte Becke 6d,
Robert atte Becke 10d,
John on the Grene 1s,
Adam de Calkewell 10d,
William fil Hugh 6d,
Robert de Weston 6d,
Thomas fil Gilbert 8d,
John fil Thomas 6d,
John de Brix 8d,
William fil John 6d,
John de Somerby 8d,
Ralph del Hill 1s,
William fil John 1s,
a total of 32 persons, contributing 26s.
To the subsidy of 35 Henry VIII, 1543-4 the contributors at Springthorpe was 42. 

Two years later the contributors at Springthorpe were: 

John Topclyf 6s,
John Parke 3s 4d,
William Burr 4s 8d,
Richard Cooke 3s 4d,
William Smithes 4s 8d,
Robert Swyft 4s 8d,
Robert Cooke 2s,
Henry Wyggyllsworth 4s 8d,
Jaymes Andrew 4s, and
Wiliam Herson 3s 4d. 
This subsidy was based upon larger possessions than the two preceding ones, so the number of contributors was less. 

Survey of Kirton Soke, 1616

The village of Springthorpe and Sturgate belonged to the Soke of Kirton. None of the parishes appears to have given rise to any family of real eminence. The following information was extracted from the Survey of Kirton Soke, which was made for the Prince of Wales in 1616. 

Richard Cooke alias Hornby,
heirs of John Farmery,
Richard Park junior,
Henery Braunceby,
Robert Braunceby,
Thomas Capmell,
William Fermery clerk,
Robert Robinson,
John Monkhill,
heirs of Richard Maltbye,
Richrad Maltbye alias Malton,
Richard Nelson,
William Proctor,
John Cartmell,
Thomas Cartmell,
Thomas Hill,
Samuel Codd,
William Gilston,
John Hill,
Robert Cartmell,
William Walsham,
Henry Bishop,
Richard Jackson (in Sturgate, parcel of Springthorpe)
Richard Park,
Robert Wilkinson,
George Fermerye,
Robert Hill,
Margaret Fermerye, and
Thomas Gilbye.

Historical Notes

The Testa de Nevill has an entry t the following effect: "The Sheriff is ordered to take into the hands of the King vi bovates of land with appurtenances in Springthorpe and Steregarth, which were the property of Thomas fil Gilbert, an out law, at the time when G. fil Peter had the Soke, because it has been shewn that these have never been in the hands of the King. And he is to hold them as from the Feast of S. Margaret in the third year of King Henry (1218-19) for a year and a day, and the Sheriff is to be responsible for the duty issuing from that land". 

The Hundred Rolls , 1273, shew that "William de Stocheth received from Robert Curte of Steregath, indicated of theft, half a mark, to excuse him from appearing before the Justices". 


Family of Farmery

Nicholas Farmery, who died in 1617, was a standard bearer to Lord Willoughby of Parham. His son William, Rector of Heapham, Springthorpe and Ludborough, married Cassandra Newland of Hackney, and died in 1633 having had by her five sons and three daughters. One of the daughters, Hestor, married two successive Rectors of Ludborough. The eldest son, John Farmery, was Chancellor of the Diocese of Lincoln, and died in 1648, leaving a son of the same name, who was buried at Heapham in 1689. This second John Farmery was father of william, who was rector of Heapham and Vicar of Blyton. His wife, Bridget Tyrwhitt of Cameringham, was buried in 1707. Their son Robert succeeded him as the Rector of Heapham, and died forty years later. 

Landowners 1873

The Return of Owners of Land, presented to Parliament in 1873, gives the following names as owners of more than five acres of land in the Parish: 

Rev Blenkinsopp 18 acres,
John Milburn 36,
W Webster 67,
John Whitehouse 42. 

Landowners 1900

The chief landowners were Sir Hickman B Bacon Bart. and Miss Beckett, of Somerby. 



Doomsday Book gives 41 sokemen to Springthorpe and Corringham. Allowing half to each, and adding some few persons of lower position, we may conjecture that the population of Springthorpe in 1085 was about 125. 

The Subsidy Roll of 1327 gives 32 names, from which we gather that the population had risen to at least 160. 

In 1543-4 there were 42 contributors, so that the people were still increasing. 

Bishop Wake found the number of families 41 and 37, so that for a long time the population had remained at about 200. 

The Census Returns give us the following figures: 

1801.  Population 176.     1861.  Population 260. 
1811.           "        167.     1871.           "       237. 
1821.           "        200.     1881.           "       214. 
1831.           "        194.     1891.           "       175. 
1841.           "        209.     1901.           "       163. 
1851.           "        300. 


The following are endowed charities at Springthorpe: 

West's Charity - Thomas West, by his will of 1735, gave £5, the interest of which was to be distributed annually on "Thomas Day" to the most needy poor persons of Springthorpe, in sums of one shilling. After passing through different hands, the money was held in 1828 by Rev. Joseph Cox. He paid it on 28 Jan 1828 to Samuel Hill, farmer, of Springthorpe, the amount having been increased to £6 by arrears of interest. 

Hill's Charity - James Hill, by his will of 15 Nov 1806, gave £10 to the poor of Springthorpe, not receiving parochial relief, the interest to be distributed as the Churchwardens and Overseers for the time being think fit. 

Sarah Hill - By her will of 10 Feb 1808, gave £5 to be added to the last. Her executor and legatee, Samuel hill, received both sums in 1808, and the £6 of West's Charity in 1828. He gave security to the parish officers, who thereupon proceeded to distribute the interest.