Lincolnshire Village
A School in Springthorpe
"Bricks in the Wall: the Story of Springthorpe School" is now available to download free link
(There are also lists of the names of pupils and committee members.)
    1868 Kelly's Directory: 

    A Church Day School (Miss Weston, Mistress) is mentioned  -- but in no earlier directory

    This "old school" was possibly at No.1 Church Lane which became the Schoolmaster's house

      1876 Kelly's Directory:

      "Here is a Public Elementary School, erected in 1872 by voluntary subscription, on a site given by Miss  Beckett of Somerby Hall. . . the old school is now used for vestry meetings."

      (In fact, the land was given by Sir Thomas Beckett of Somerby Hall)

    • The school building was erected in 1872 for Springthorpe and Heapham children.
    • The site was given by Sir Thomas Beckett of Somerby Hall
    • It was built to house 100 children
    • It was supported by voluntary contributions, Government Grant, and "childrens' pence"

    School Teachers:
    1872 William Albert Egginton
    1876 Herbert Richard Heppinstall
    1881 John Thomas Tomline
    1889 Joseph Carr
    1892 David Dalton
    1899 Misses Adelaide and Margaret Outlaw
    1900 Miss Moore (later married Mr George Stephenson)
    1905 Charles Pearson
    1909 Ernest Enoch Barwick
    1919 Hermann F. Grylls
    1925 Miss Laura Enderby
    1933 Miss Hoyes, with Miss D Stephenson & Miss P. Northcliffe
    1944 Mrs Saynor - Headmistress
    1948 The school closed down and children transferred to Corringham C. of E. School
    A School Reunion 2005
 Documents relating to the school